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UNFORGETTABLE tells the fascinating story of BRAD WILLIAMS. Featured on 60 Minutes and dubbed "the Human Google" by Good Morning America, Brad is only the second person ever studied for HYPERTHYMESIA (also known as superior autobiographical memory), an uncanny and detailed recall of his entire life.

Screenwriter/filmmaker Eric Williams (Mad City, Lip Service) follows his brother Brad's journey through one eventful year, as media coverage of Brad's rare mental gifts makes him an unlikely celebrity, vaulting him from small-town anonymity to sudden midlife notoriety.

UNFORGETTABLE is an intimate and humorous portrait of an exceptional individual and an intriguing exploration into the mysteries of the human mind.

Let'sgetouttahere Productions and Rona Edwards Productions present

creative consultant GREG WILLIAMS
executive producer PAUL ROBERT HERMAN
produced by RONA EDWARDS
written, edited and directed by ERIC WILLIAMS